Train on the latest tech-forward, innovative gear from brands like Keiser, Proteus, Reaxing, Neufit and Eleiko that you can't get anywhere else in the city. 


Not only do we have the newest, most state-of-the-art equipment—we have the most of it, giving trainers what they care most about: their tools.

Keiser is a leading brand in strength training equipment, known for its innovative pneumatic resistance technology. At Maverick, personal trainers can use Keiser's versatile and safe equipment to provide highly effective and efficient workouts for their clients. With its compact design and range of resistance options, Keiser is the ideal choice for personal training.
Eleiko is a leading strength training equipment supplier, chosen by Olympic champions and world-class athletes. At Maverick, personal trainers can take advantage of Eleiko's reputation for high quality and precision to enhance their clients' training and achieve top performance results.
Proteus Motion
Proteus is a scientifically advanced performance testing and training device that provides constant 3D resistance. With its patented software, hardware, and resistance system, it offers accurate results in minutes. Personal trainers at Maverick can use Proteus to create engaging and effective full-body workouts for their clients, resulting in improved performance and injury prevention. The device's real-time feedback and virtual training options provide trainers with valuable insights into their clients' progress.
Exerfly Ultimate is a motorized strength training platform that offers advanced, scientifically-backed workout options. With the ability to increase eccentric load, Exerfly provides a unique way to challenge muscle fibers, leading to increased strength, power, and hypertrophy. Perfect for personal trainers at Maverick, Exerfly helps take their clients' workouts to the next level.
OHM Dynamics
OHM is a groundbreaking technology that celebrates the complexity of human motion. By giving the user control over resistance, speed, and path of movement, OHM eliminates the constraints of conventional training equipment and unlocks freedom we experience naturally in sport and life. OHM enables trainers at Maverick to work with clients regardless of fitness, age, or impairment – to train with optimal effectiveness and efficiency, significantly reduced injury risk, and a familiar, truly functional level of engagement.
The Reaxing board and Reaxing lift use cutting-edge technology to help personal trainers at Maverick improve their clients' balance, stability, and proprioception. The dynamic surface of the board challenges the core and trains the nervous system to enhance movement patterns, while the lift's adjustable resistance adds weight-bearing exercise for strength and power. These tools have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.
The NEUBIE device is a unique neuro-bio-electric stimulator that uses a specific type of direct current electrical stimulation as part of the NeuFit Treatment System. This approach leads to faster, more powerful neuromuscular re-education, improves mobility and reduces pain, resulting in better overall outcomes for patients recovering from injury, surgery, chronic pain, or neurological challenges. The device uses a unique waveform that harnesses the power of DC to enhance healing and repair processes and has unique effects on the neuromuscular system. The NEUBIE is FDA cleared for multiple intended uses, including neuromuscular re-education, increasing blood flow, and reducing pain. In contrast to traditional electrical stimulation devices, the NEUBIE reduces protective co-contractions and allows safe, eccentric contractions to be introduced early in rehabilitation. The device also promotes parasympathetic nervous system tone, leading to greater heart rate variability and helping the body recover more effectively. The NeuFit Treatment System maps the body to identify hot spots and uses the NEUBIE to positively affect reflex patterns, muscle output, brain activity and pain.
At Maverick, personal trainers can elevate their clients' training with CoolMitt, a revolutionary training tool that increases workout effectiveness. Studies show the CoolMitt enhances muscle activation, core temperature, and endurance, resulting in faster fitness goal achievement for clients.
Our Woodway 4Front treadmill is a cutting-edge solution for personal trainers. With its patented Slat Belt running surface, it offers a dynamic, low-impact workout and mimics the feel of outdoor running. It features 3 training modes and provides exceptional comfort and versatility for a top-notch training experience.
Our Wattbike Pro is an innovative tool for personal trainers seeking to elevate their clients' fitness experience. With its advanced performance monitor and unparalleled accuracy, the Wattbike Pro provides an efficient, high-intensity workout that simulates real-road cycling. It features various resistance options and meticulously captures over 40 different data parameters in real-time. This ensures a bespoke, data-driven training approach for achieving unique fitness goals. Embrace the future of indoor cycling with the Wattbike Pro at Maverick.
Versa Climber
The VersaClimber is a full-body, vertical cardio machine that combines cardio and resistance training for an efficient and effective workout. Research shows that just 20 minutes on the VersaClimber engages all major muscle groups and burns more calories compared to other cardio machines. The SM model features a 1-20 inch step height and 1-20 inch upper body arm movement, offering versatility for cardio and strength training to meet a personal trainer's specific training needs.
Kabuki's buffalo, transformer, and kadillac bars offer unique benefits for personal trainers, including proper joint centration, scapular retraction and lat engagement, adjustable and versatile workout options, improved movement mechanics, and customizable grip options. Upgrade your clients' strength training with these industry-trusted barbells.
EnergyFit's SKI-ROW, the first of its kind dual-function HIIT machine, offers versatility in workout options. With the ability to switch between rowing and skiing exercises in under 5 seconds, personal trainers at Maverick can maximize their clients' workout results with a heart-pounding experience. The machine's air-flywheel resistance and adjustable foot straps provide a customized, effective workout every time.
Smart Tools
SmartCuffs 4.0 is the most advanced BFR product that utilizes AI technology and proprietary LOP algorithms for fast and precise LOP calibration. It offers exclusive Tri-Pressure technology for optimal blood flow restriction during training. Personal trainers at Maverick can use SmartCuffs to enhance client workouts, aid in rehab and achieve fitness goals faster.
Stick Mobility
Stick Mobility is a training system that improves flexibility, strength and coordination, helping personal trainers at Maverick enhance client training and achieve fitness goals faster. With custom-designed Training Sticks, Stick Mobility focuses on joint mobilization, strength training, and active stretching. Professional sports teams and PGA golfers use Stick Mobility to improve mobility, increase power and reduce injury risk.